January 29, 2021

The 4 Trauma Responses

Personally, I have moved through all four trauma responses this last year (2020). Between the pandemic, election and revolution I’ve learned quite a bit about my reflex for safety.

✔️I was a fighter — Constantly trying to prove my point to soothe my need to grasp for some control
✔️I was a freezer — Disassociating from my pain and binge watching Schitt’s Creek and New Girl for the second time
✔️I was a flee-er — Moving my nervous energy towards cleaning, organizing, and creating
✔️I also fawned — Fell into agreeable + people pleasing tendencies at all costs, even at the expense of my own needs

And in the fatigue of survival, my nervous system reflected back to me that even with all the unknown and lack of control, I am more resilient than I give myself credit for.

And today, I’d like to remind you of your own resiliency.

If you find yourself trying to prove a point understand that this is your “fight” for protection.

If you find yourself in decision making paralysis, understand that the “freeze” protects you from overwhelm.

If you find yourself busying your mind and body, understand that “fleeing”, protects you from confronting pain.

And if you find yourself abandoning your own needs, understand that fawning was learned as a protective habit to keep the peace.

How you’ve managed to move through this last year is protective, human and incredibly resilient.

Reading from left to right, please explore the Fawn Trauma Response:

Reading from left to right, please explore the Freeze Trauma Response:

Reading from left to right, please explore the Flight Trauma Response:

Reading from left to right please explore the Fight Trauma Response:

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