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Find balance, ease and a home in your body, through neuroscience.

Helping you find balance, ease and a                  in your body through neuroscience.


Neuroscience Health Coaching involves deeply understanding the inner-workings of the brain, and its role in how it governs the way we think, behave, feel, move and live. 

Adopting a brain based approach allows you a more in depth understanding of the way your entire system communicates to one another, offering you multiple options to address a single symptom.

We help you build a life where you are working with your brain and body to compassionately move towards your goals.

Do you often feel like you're living in a state of survival, ready for the other shoe to drop?

You're not alone.

Feeling constantly on alert is a protective response by your brain and learning how to gently shift out of survival by listening to your body is the goal of Neuroscience Health Coaching.

We train the brain to give options back to the body, so healing feels both sustainable and possible again.

By understanding the brain we are more equipped to understanding ourselves.