April 7, 2021

When Slowing Down Feels Wrong

Last week, I shared on social media that if you’re accustomed to “staying busy” slowing down can feel triggering for a brain that learned to self soothe with productivity.

Do you relate to this?

If so, I hope today I can provide you some reassurance for your self- soothing need to stay busy.

The flight response by the nervous system includes fleeing your current emotional or physical environment in pursuit of safety and here are some examples:

You fill 15 minute pockets in your schedule with random tasks, like organizing your inbox.

You find yourself constantly multi-tasking, like needing to talk on the phone while driving or scroll social media while watching TV.

You find comfort in chaotic schedules, back to back Zoom calls and late night house cleaning.

So what is your brain actually telling you?

That if you slow down it could be catastrophic and dangerous.

So, to best ensure your safety, stay busy doing all the things.

When you stay busy and find yourself organizing your closet at midnight, this behavior deeply meets the needs of a nervous system that is on high alert.

You are not staying busy “just because”, you are staying busy BECAUSE it allows you to feel safer.

Today, I just want to reassure you that if slowing down feels wrong, that your search for safety is understood in this space.

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