March 17, 2021

What’s An Adrenal Mocktail?

Have you ever struggled with finding a the perfect morning combo that supports your body?

Today, I wanted to share with you the Adrenal Mocktail.

This is a supportive drink that contains the ideal ratio of fat, carbs, and sugar, therefore assisting in proper metabolism adrenal, and thyroid function.

What else? Let’s explore

Did you know that when we sleep we rely on our liver to supply us with glucose (aka energy)?

Did you know that the liver plays a big role in maintaining a stable blood sugar level and a sense of calm and relaxation.

However, the liver only stores 7-9 hours of glucose so….skipping breakfast can often be one of the biggest stressors on the female body!

Our nervous system has to figure out a way to find energy. And in many cases, it searches for energy in other tissues of the body (which is less desirable and less efficient). This can lead to producing larger amounts of cortisol! This isn’t ideal and can often lead to burnout + metabolic compromises…

Curious to learn what’s in it?

OJ has high levels of many vitamins and minerals specifically Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and Folate.


6 oz orange juice

2 TBSP Organic raw cream(or coconut cream)

2 TBSP Bone broth powder (or gelatin powder)

1/4 TSP Sea Salt

1/4 TSP Cream of tartar

Why OJ?

OJ has high levels of many vitamins and minerals specifically Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and Folate. All of which, provide the nervous system with glucose (a key component to maintain all functioning elements of the brain +body). It is also an easily absorbed carbohydrate to the thyroid so it can better work to regulate metabolic functions like body temp, inflammation and digestion.

Did you know Sea Salt contains minerals, potassium, iron and zinc? This makes sea salt an incredible nourishing “ingredients” to the brain and support healthy hormone production.

Let’s chat Fat?

Raw milk or coconut milk/cream is the recommended ingredient that perfectly compliments the other ingredients in the Adrenal Mocktail.

  1. Coconut is high in saturated fat & a medium chain fatty acids, making it an easy source of energy for the body.
  2. Milk provides the brain supporting fat that will also slow the release of glucose in the OJ enough to provide balanced blood sugar.

What about bone broth powder?

Gelatin contains high levels of the amino acid Glycine, which helps with the proper gut function and is anti-inflammatory. All of which are lovely ways to heal the gut, support your hormones and your monthly cycle.

My recommended Bone Broth Powder is Paleo Valley’s Bone Broth Powder.

You can also opt for collagen peptides from Vital Proteins (feel free to visit my blog to learn more about collagen peptides HERE), however, Bone Broth powder actually contains MORE supportive ingredients, please check out the infographic below from Amanda Montalvo.

Cream of Tartar?

Cream of tartar is packed with potassium! Potassium is critical in helping (women especially) stay balanced and reducing excess cortisol from being released in the body.

In conclusion

Fueling your body intentionally is key in your healing journey.

You need energy to heal + healing is “expensive.”

But should also be realistic and taste good!

The Adrenal MockTail is quick to prep, easy to make and for 90% of my students, they love the taste.

This allows them to be:

A. Consistent on their healing journey , which allows them over time to see steady progress.

B. Dismantle diet culture and relearn all the ways fats + carbs are key components in supporting their hormones + metabolism.

For all the reasons I just shared, The Adrenal MockTail is one of the recipes recommended inside of my program Feminine Flow.

To learn more please feel free to head to my website

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