September 27, 2022

6 Brain-Based Embodiment Practices

Today, I wanted to share with you 6 ways you can connect to your body…

1. Washing hands – Our skin houses a large number of sensory receptors called thermoreceptorsThermoreceptors are activated by temperature changes (i.e. cold or hot water) we experience on our skin. When our brain picks up on this change in temperature it allows us to reconnect to ourselves.

2. Stimulating your taste buds – By eating something sour, sweet, spicy or bitter you activate nerves in your tongue via your taste bud cells. When your taste buds are activated messages are then sent to your brain to help increase a sense of awareness and connection. 

3. Grounding in nature – Walking barefoot with direct skin contact to nature can have a profound impact on feeling grounded to our body. Some examples include, walking on sand, grass, dirt or water.

4. Long empty exhales – Long exhales increase parasympathetic activity (our rest and digest part of the brain). Taking one long exhale has the potential to decrease a threat (stress) response so you can gently get out of survival mode and safely reconnect to yourself.

5. Smell – When we smell something (especially something that we like) we activate the olfactory nerve. When the olfactory nerve is activated, this sends powerful information to our brain reassuring us where we are and that we are safe to stay connected to ourselves in this moment.

6. Co-regulation – if you’re feeling disconnected from yourself, sharing a hug or touch with someone who is grounded and connected can help your brain calm, relax and re-ground.

The next time you’re seeking to connect to your body please feel free to reference this list. Additionally, keep in mind that what tool you choose may change depending on what your brain needs that day.

Adapt and adjust when needed.

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