January 12, 2023

Struggling To Trust Your Body

Have you ever took a rest day, only for your body to increase your level of exhaustion?

Have you ever tried satisfying a craving, for your body to only trigger more sugar cravings?

If so, trusting that your body might not feel like it’s in the cards for you.

Personally, I did not trust my body for years…

Every time I tried surrendering to the healing process, the more I reached to control my body with the next fitness trend.

Every time I tried to stop stressing, the more I ruminated about the stress I shouldn’t be stressing about.

Every time I tried to “eat less and do more,” my body rebelled with more pain, more anxiety and more inflammation.

Every time I tried trusting my body, she left me feeling more in distrust of myself.

Inside of Better Expert, we focus training 3 governing systems in the body:

1. Vision (eyes)

2. Vestibular (inner ear)

3. Proprioception (movement/joints)

Eyes that are struggling to move together can result in headaches that trigger anxiety.

An inner ear that isn’t working well for you, will signal nausea, instability and body disconnection.

A blurry proprioceptive movement map results in cautious movements and pain that just never seems to go away.

We integrate the entire body and nervous system, so you walk away with more tools to help you feel more in connection to your own body.

So trust can be rebuilt between you and your body.

If you’re interested in exploring a brain based approach to your healing, I’d invite you to apply for Better Expert.

Please feel free to visit www.coachalyssachang.com/better-expert

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