April 2, 2022

Starvation Mode and The Brain

Starvation mode is your body’s natural, expected & protective response to keeping you alive by storing energy (calories) in fat tissues for potential future use.

Starvation mode was something I experienced from 2010-2014. I was just coming off of competing in Figure Competitions where I was restricting calories and over-exercising.

The imbalance of how much I was consuming and how much I was expending is what set my nervous system into starvation mode.

Common symptoms of starvation mode include:

✔️Lethargy and always struggling with energy
✔️Constipation and irregular daily Howe movements
✔️Feeling cold all the time no matter the temperature outside
✔️Your brain and body being resistant to any changes in body fat no matter how consistent or perfect you are

Starvation mode is a survival response by your brain to keep you alive.

Please see the below video on what happens to your brain during starvation mode.

**This post is to help share information about starvation mode and not meant to diagnose.

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