May 19, 2022

Flight Trauma Response Support

The flight trauma response includes feeling your current emotional or physical environment in pursuit of safety.

Common flight responses include:

  1. Becoming productive when threat is detected
  2. Staying busy to distract from overwhelm
  3. Excessive exercise
  4. Feeling fidgety or restless

Here are two ways to best support your flight response includes

1. Sensory input by rubbing our skin increases input to an area of the brain that can help increase a sense of connection to our body, which can decrease threat and improve safety. Please see below for a great 10 minute sensory warm up drill by Dr. Cobb.

2. Shaking – Gently shaking can often move stressed energy out of your body by releasing muscular tension and therefore improving parasympathetic response.

Often times forcing nervous energy to be still through embodiment practices like meditation can increase feelings of unease resulting in more discomfort and pain.

Your needs to flee situations or feelings that flood your nervous system with stress make complete sense.

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