May 28, 2022

Freeze Trauma Response Support

The freeze trauma response by the nervous system includes conserving energy by means of shutting down, numbing or disengaging when threat is detected by the brain.

Some of the most common expressions of the freeze response include:

✔️Floating above yourself when in tough conversations

✔️Shutting down from painful feelings in order to preserve limited energy

✔️Finding safety in disassociating from the pain

✔️Turning to numbing tactics as a means to protect from being hijacked by uncomfortable sensations

One of the most supportive ways to help interrupt the freeze response is by stimulating our Olfactory Nerve.

✔️Find a scent you like
✔️Sit up nice and tall
✔️And take in 3 slow breaths through your nose

By stimulating the olfactory nerve, we interrupt our tendency to disconnect when we feel unsafe.

Receptor neurons are activated within the nasal cavity that then send powerful information to our brain reassuring us that we are safe.

The freeze responders must learn that safety can exist with you staying intact with your body through gentle forms of sensory input like warm compress on the stomach, weighted blankets, long exhales.

Keep in mind, that the freeze response is your brain doing exactly what it felt was the best in that moment to protect you.

Please check the link below to watch a quick video on how to support the Freeze Response:

Freeze Trauma Response Support

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