June 10, 2022

Fawn Trauma Response Support

The fawn trauma response is a protective habit of becoming helpful at the expense of your needs (or boundaries) in order to diffuse threatening situations.

Common fawn responses include:

✔️People pleasing + peace keeping
✔️Disassociate when there is an argument or conflict
✔️Avoids situations that may create conflict
✔️Feeling responsible for others reactions/emotions

Ultimately this hyper-awareness of other’s while dismissing your own leads to feeling uncertain, unclear as to what you need.

How to best support your fawn response…

✔️Self Check In’s – Learning how to become aware of your feelings instead of bypassing your emotions and needs.

This can be done by slowing down long enough to ask yourself how am I feeling?
And where am I feeling this in my body?

I encourage you to set a timer to remind you to check in with yourself and how you’re feeling.

You can also opt to schedule breaks in your calendar that would remind you to also take time away to check in.

As a fawn responder, you will be in practice of learning that safety can exist without you abandoning your needs.

Please see the link below for a video on the Fawn Response:

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