July 23, 2022

Do You Feel Guilty When You Practice “Self Care?”

Have you ever experienced guilt post self care time? 

Or maybe you find yourself “frozen” when provided the opportunity to take care of yourself.  

Today, I wanted to share with you a brain based lens as to why tending to your needs and self is much more complex than scheduling time to read, nap, exercise, connect with friends, etc.

 Self care may actually have more to do with… 

✔️Confronting the ways we feel unworthy of our own time and how that unworthiness impacts our ability to take action.
✔️It may activate a freeze response where we feel immobile every time we have free time
✔️And it may come with a side of guilt or narratives of being a selfish or a burdenSelf care is something we may have to re-teach ourselves as healing humans, especially if our upbringing chunked together getting our needs met with being a burden, being demanding, being too needy. 

If you’re someone that hasn’t quite figured out how to authentically take care of yourself, keep in mind that this is a patient process of unlearning the ways our brain has chunked self care with guilt or being a burden. 

You will embark on a process of re-learning that tending to your needs is not selfish, rather essential as you heal. 

Please click the video below to watch 1:42 seconds of a quick download of this topic.

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