August 2, 2022

What Is A Nervous System Healing Space?

Today, I wanted to unpack in more details what a nervous system healing space is and how I go about co-creating this space within my work.

A nervous system healing space is a container where we are rooted in the deep understanding that every symptom, behavior and self soothing strategy ever created was derived from your brain as a means to protect you, keep you safe and alive.

Therefore we are equipped to compassionately hold your lived experiences without judgment, shame or blame and instead with the understanding that your brain and body are always working with and for you to keep you safe.

It’s a container where:

✔️Asking for consent and having choice is the norm
✔️There’s spaciousness in how you consume content that allows you to move at a pace that honors your own capacity
✔️Safety in your experience with the recognition that safety is personal and self defined.
✔️Co-creating spaces where you are not only seen as the expert but trusted as the expert
✔️Allowing for nuances and duality- that we have the capacity to hold two truths simultaneously

If you’re interested in being held in a container where your full humanity and lived experiences will be held without judgement, I’d invite you to join us inside of my private membership and nervous system healing space, Turn Left Collective.

Inside of TLC, we take a trauma informed approach to healing the brain and body and recognize that trauma has shifted the way you view the world, access safety and connect to yourself and provide you digestible tools to safely reconnect to your body.

Please click the link in my bio to join.

**Sliding scale options now available to access this healing space and work.

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