August 2, 2022

3 Brain-Based Drills To Get You Out Of Survival Mode

Today I wanted to share with you three brain based drills that can gently move you out of a survival mode and help feel more at ease.

Survival mode is typically accompanied by armoring in body tension ready for something to go wrong.

Common areas we hold tension are the jaw, pelvis and face.

Here are 3 embodiment drills to interrupt survival mode:

✔️Gentle face massaging – our face houses sensory receptors AND cranial nerves. By gently rubbing our face and creating sensation we can help alleviate tension and improve body connection and awareness.
✔️Jaw massage – The jaw is a common area where we hold tension. Often clenching the jaw can create stability in our body. A stable body often feels much safer. By gently opening and closing the jaw and creating sensation around the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) we can reduce tension.
✔️ Pelvic tilting – our lower back is a common area that we can overuse as a result of being on guard. By gently tucking and relaxing the tailbone we can reduce tension in the lower back.

These drills are focused on bringing sensation to tension areas so you can safely move out of survival mode.

If you’re interested in learning more about this brain based approach to getting out of survival mode I’d invite you to join me inside of my private membership Turn Left Collective.

Inside of TLC, we explore gentle ways you can access safety and move out of always being on guard.

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